1. Welcome from the State Attorney 16th Judicial Circuit Florida

    Anyone can be the victim of a crime regardless of religion, social, economic, ethnic, or educational background. In addition to fear, rage, isolation, and confusion, many victims experience emotional and physical distress. The situation is compounded by the criminal justice system, which is often confusing and intimidating.

    While you are welcome to be present at any and all court hearings, please be aware that very little may occur at an arraignment and/or docket sounding. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you would like to know what may occur at any upcoming hearing. However, if you are subpoenaed to court, you must appear. 

    We will do everything we can to successfully prosecute your case. However, your cooperation is essential throughout the time your case is pending. Please respond in a timely manner to all communications and subpoenas from our office and be sure we have your current contact information at all times. 

    The information on this website is intended to give you a better understanding of your rights and the justice system. We have included basic information about resources that are available to assist you in Monroe County. With this information as a starting point, we should be able to help lessen the trauma associated with becoming a crime victim. 

    A successful prosecution is dependent upon our ability to work together. Our office is here to seek justice and to help you, the victim, through the process. My staff and I are committed to working with you in order to ensure that justice is done. Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions regarding your case. 

  2. Respectfully,
    Dennis W. Ward
    State Attorney for the 16th Judicial Circuit
    Dennis Ward