Victim Impact Statements

A crime victim may file a statement about the impact the crime has had on his or her life with the court at any time before sentence is imposed on the offender. Medical costs, mental anguish, lost wages and impaired mobility (to name only a few) are all relevant details that the judge can take into account before sentencing the offender.

Filling Out a Statement

The State Attorney’s Office sends out a Victim Impact Statement form in every charged crime to the crime victim when the case is opened.

The impact statement provides the victim with the opportunity to express his or her feelings about the crime, its impact on his or her life and his or her thoughts on sentencing. The impact statement is also used to record a victim’s loss, expenses or injuries he or she received as the result of having been a victim.

Use of the Statement

The completed document will then be placed in the court file to be presented to the judge for consideration. Additionally, it may be necessary for the victim to be present in court in order to testify about the impact of the crime on him or her.