Things to Know

Additional Criminal Justice System Information

There are laws designed to protect you as a victim or state witness. If you are intimidated, harassed or threatened in any way regarding your participation in the case, immediately call your local law enforcement agency and the State Attorney's Office.

Living Out of Town

A person may become a victim of or witness to a crime while visiting Monroe County or may move from the area after the crime is committed. It is important for you to remember that even though you may no longer be in Monroe County, your cooperation is still very important to the prosecution of the case.

If you are subpoenaed for trial, your travel and lodging will be arranged and provided at no cost to you. The victim witness counselor assigned to your case will assist you with all travel arrangements.

Return of Property 

If some of your property was stolen as a part of the crime, it may be necessary to hold it until the case goes to trial. In some cases, it may be possible to use a photograph of your property in court. Once the case is closed, any property that is held can be returned to its owner. If you need assistance in the return of your property, please contact the State Attorney's Office. 

Child Care 

If your child is not a witness in the case, please make other arrangements while you attend court. Unfortunately, there are not child-care facilities available at the courthouses. 

Tips About Testifying

A trial is a serious matter; please act appropriately and dress neatly for court. 

Always remember to tell the truth and remain calm. Do not be concerned about whether or not your answer will help or hurt your case. It is alright to say "I don't remember" or "I don't understand the question." 

If you are asked by the defense attorney whether you have talked with the assistant state attorney or anyone else about the case, as in every other situation, tell the truth. It is perfectly okay to talk to the assistant state attorney about your case before trial. 

Changes of Address

You must let the assistant state attorney and victim witness counselor know as soon as you change your address or telephone number (both home or work). If you do not, we will be unable to advise you about your case.