What information should be taken on the check?

Florida law specifies that you should ask for certain information about the check writer. Generally, most of this information is already printed on the check. You or your employee should ask the writer if that information is correct and current. If there are differences between the information on the check and any ID that you asked for, you should ask for an explanation before you accept the check.

You may also record this information on a check-cashing-card application that you keep on file, giving your customers a check-cashing card with a specific number that you or your employees will write on the checks instead of all the information listed below. It would still be a good idea, however, to ask for a picture ID even with the check-cashing card; this will cut down on the possibility of taking a forged or stolen check.

Specific Details

The following information about the check writer may be pre-printed or written on the check: 

  • Date of Birth
  • Driver's License Number and State of Issuance
  • Home Address
  • Home Telephone Number
  • Name

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